The "Drake Stimulus Package," as it is often called, has proven to be a lucrative investment for many up-and-coming rappers. Though a guest verse from Drizzy doesn't always guarantee sustained longevity, it will almost certainly guarantee, at the bare minimum, short-term financial gain. For Yung Bleu, who was already doing well prior to connecting with Drake on "You're Mines Still," the benefits of the collaborations were notable all the same.

Yung Bleu

 Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

In fact, the artist recently took a moment to share a fun fact about his high-profile collab on Twitter. "Ain't gone lie that Drake feature hits different," he writes. "I done made like a couple million in like 3 months. It usually takes me a year to stack a million." When one of his followers remarks that Bleu wouldn't have made the money without Drake, the melodist makes sure to put the doubter in check. "I been making big money tho," he retorts. "I just made it quicker."

Given that "You're Mines Still" currently holds an impressive twenty-six million views on YouTube alone, it's not exactly surprising to hear that it's been among Yung Bleu's top earners. Curiously, the duet has yet to be certified gold or platinum by the RIAA, though it wouldn't be surprising to see the time come shortly. It should also be noted that Drizzy and Bleu have apparently discussed the idea of a joint EP, though that has yet to be confirmed as anything beyond an idea.

Check out Bleu's comments on his Drake collab below, and sound off if you'd like to hear further music from the "You're Mines Still" duo.