She's earned herself her first set of BET Award nominations, but not everyone is happy for Coi Leray. The buzzing artist is up for Best Female Hip Hop Artist and Best New Artist, and when she took to social media to celebrate, she faced off with critics. Around the same time, Yung Bleu was over on Instagram airing out his grievances because he felt that he should have been recognized this go-'round. The pair of performers got their wires crossed and soon, Coi was calling out her critics and Bleu believed she was addressing him.

After a few back and forths, Coi set the record straight. "BLEU.. I'm not talking about you," Leray tweeted. "That tweet was strictly for the troll ass people I deal with."

"You one of the most talented people I met and I'll never come on any social platform and disrespect you, I love you as a person and an artist regardless of anything!" Bleu reposted the tweet and before deleting it, he shared a lengthy caption where he returned praise to Leray.

"I apologize . U a sweet person and we always embraced each other since day 1," Bleu replied. "My post def wasn't a diss to u or your accomplishments u talented as hell ! ! Both of us got much more to come u like my LIl cry baby sister we always fighting Lol ! It's was a big lack of communication none but positive vibes tho I wanna see you have more success. Dnt let nobody tell u different hommie."

Both Bleu and Leray are being praised for handling the situation maturely and not turning it into some weird social media beef. Check it out below.