A YouTuber vlogger has done the improbable and withstood the unending chaos of Sheck Wes' "Mo Bamba" and Travis Scott's "Sicko Mode" for ten hours straight. If you break it down, that's 115 plays in 10 hours for "Sicko Mode," and 197 for "Mo Bamba" within the same timeframe. "Mo Bamba" is ultimately two minutes shorter than "Sicko Mode" in length. But that didn't dissuade the YouTuber "BIG PAPA JAMES" from performing the feat of endurance, albeit under suspicious circumstances.

His rationale for going through with the strange ritual is inexplicable. BIG PAPA JAMES insists that a ten-hour marathon was simply the "right thing to do," going into the ever-so-anxious Holiday stretch. The stunt, viewed over 300,000 times since going live, was shot while he lay feeble, on the cusp of deep rem sleep.

But as some YouTubers have pointed out, a few discrepancies point to foul play, namely his utterances of "Here We Go," sounding eerily similar in tone/pitch, the second, third, and fourth time around. The second red flag comes in the way of a Snapchat notification infiltration the live-stream, which as astute YouTubers have pointed out, is not a pre-recorded sound on Drake's "Sicko Mode" verse. Regardless of its potential inauthenticity, BIG PAPA JAMES' vlog continues to be a trending item well into the new year. What do you make of the video's authenticity, comment below?