The next time YoungBoy NBA has a show, he better call up Vince Staples to distribute some Sprite to all these thirtsy-ass ladies in attendance. Seriously, there's something about a YoungBoy show that seems to turn women into Black Friday Wal Mart shoppers; a few months ago, he was nearly stripped buck ass naked by a throng of screaming fans, saved only by his spry nature and fence climbing ability. While you're wondering what kind of self respecting woman is putting their hands all over a "young boy," take a look at this disturbing video footage from a recent YoungBoy concert, in which the rapper finds himself on the receiving end of an unwanted groping.

In light of all these sexual assault allegations being thrown around, you'd think that the public groping would be at an all time low. Yet clearly this one fan didn't get the memo, and decided to seize the opportunity. In the clip, YoungBoy is standing at the front of the stage, with his girlfriend right beside him. Enter the handsy fan, who reaches forward and caresses the rapper's junk, while he stares on with the most stoic reaction possible. It's truly a bizarre sight to behold, and eventually, YoungBoy's girl snaps on the groper, warning her to keep her hands to herself.

Recently, Khalid spoke out against unwanted gropes, after a fan grabbed his ass without consent. Before, Kevin Gates ended up serving time after kicking a woman in the face, after she allegedly tried to get an unauthorized handful. It seems as if women at rap shows feel like they can get away with copping a feel, but let's be honest, nobody wants to associate with a groper. Honestly, YoungBoy seems to bring out something in these women, and hopefully they can learn to restrain themselves the next time he takes the stage.