Young Thug's feud with YFN Lucci has multiple stages to it. Not only does Thugger absolutely despise the Atlanta rapper, he has instilled it within his up-and-coming artists that they should also disrespect the artist.

There's a lot of hatred between YFN Lucci and Young Thug and the latest step in their ongoing beef happened when Yak Gotti, one of the artists working under Thug, found Lucci's car at the mall and stood on top of it, posing for a picture and even using it as his cover artwork. The move is pretty insulting, especially considering Yak was apparently nodding his head at Lucci while inside the shopping center.

YFN Lucci has issued a response to Yak Gotti's actions, recording a video for social media.

"I just seen these n***as at the mall, these n***as ain't say shit," said YFN Lucci in the video. He went on to explain how he went outside and was told that Yak Gotti had been standing on his car, taking pictures for the 'Gram. Obviously, he was pissed.

This is just the latest installment in their petty feud, which has featured shots from both sides. At one point, Lucci even claimed to have slept with Thug's fiancée. You can see why these two don't like each other.