While down in Austin for SXSW, Young Thug pulled a bizarre -- but likely effective -- marketing stunt, as he held a funeral procession as a means of revealing the release date for Slime Season 3. After laying his famed Slime Season series to rest, all the focus will be on the album, Hi-Tunes (stylized Hy!£UN35), which Thug first announced shortly after last April's Barter 6

Four days before the hopeful release of SS3, Thug has announced an upcoming "Hi-Tunes" tour, which will begin on May 1, with a promo clip of him riding a horse and trotting up to a red carpet that's laid out in front of the Plaza Theater in Atlanta. The hooves of the horse, like Thugger's shades, are done up in a brilliant, shiny red, looking like Dorothy's shoes. The "Best Friend" instrumental plays throughout the clip -- shout-out Ricky Racks.

The theater's marquee reads: "Young Thug / 'Hy!£UN35' US Tour / May 1, 2016," and the full dates are revealed at the end of the clip. Tickets go on sale this Friday, the same day as the arrival of SS3.   

It seems logical that the album should necessarily predate the tour, so hopefully the announcement implies that Hi-Tunes will come in the month of April. 

You can also check dates here

05/01/16 - Philadelphia, PA
05/02/16 - New York, NY
05/03/16 - Washington, D.C. 
05/08/16 - Tampa, FL
05/09/16 - New Orleans, LA
05/12/15 - Dallas, TX
05/13/16 - Houston, TX
05/16/16 - Los Angeles, CA
05/18/16 - San Francisco, CA
05/21/16 - Portland, OR
05/22/16 - Seattle, WA
05/25/16 - Chicago, IL