Young Thug - previously known for being a semi-mysterious figure - has been incredibly open throughout the So Much Fun promo run. He sat down with Big Boy for over an hour, shot a cover for FADER and now he's done an interview with GQ. While GQ asked questions regarding his discography, the lifestyle magazine was also interested in the eccentric dresser's love for fashion. 

The fashion segment of the interview started out with Thug being asked whether he has ever regretted an outfit, to which he firmly responded in the negative. Thug schooled the GQ writer on the meaning of style when explaining, "Once you have a fashion mindset, 100% fashion mindset, you learn that nothing is ugly... when you speak on the word "style" or the word "fashion," the clothes, the actual clothes are actually the smallest thing." 

When prompted to speak on the use of stylists in the rap game by citing Lil Uzi Vert's "NO STYLIST" Instagram bio, Thug clarified that Uzi does in fact have a stylist, but the stylist's role might only entail bringing Uzi the clothing. This might come as a slight disappointment to some who believed that Uzi's frequent slideshows of his fits were entirely curated by the Philly rapper himself, but he certainly still does an impressive job of arranging the garments together. 

Thug wasn't maliciously airing out Uzi's designer laundry though, as he admits to having a stylist as well. However, Thugger only lets stylists dress him sometimes, done as an act of charity out of the goodness of his heart. "Sometimes I let people style me just so people can die being able to say, 'I had the privilege to dress him before,'" he said. "Yeah once you get to a certain level, you start thinking about others. It's nothing about you. I don't think for myself anymore."

On the topic of fashion, Thug also disclosed that his clothing line, Spider, will likely be released within the next two years and his first collaboration will be with Virgil Abloh.