Young Thug is fresh off of the release of his latest project, So Much Funwhich is looking like his biggest album to date. Thug is an OG in the game at this point, one that has influenced a whole generation of kids to embrace gender fluidity, individuality, and living without any borders. So Much Fun encapsulates all of that but in a way, it also marks a new era to Thug's career. Even though it hasn't even been a week since he dropped the album, it appears as though we could expect a new project from him in a matter of months.

Francesco Nazardo/The FADER

Thugger recently covered The Fader where he dished out on some new plans in the coming months. The rapper revealed in late July that he has a new album called Punk coming in "two months." "It’s most definitely touching music,” Thug said about the album. "It’s music that the world is going to embrace.” 

He continued to divulge that the album's title has a deeper meaning to him that, in a way, encompasses his personality. "[Punk] means brave, not self centered, conscious. Very, very neglected, very misunderstood. Very patient, very authentic," he continued. 

Thug also continued to explain what his intentions are with this album. Depending on the levels of old head energy, one might argue that Thug "ruined hip-hop." But on Punk, Thug said that he wants to bring back "real rap."

"[Real rap is] letting people in, letting people know what you go through. Let them know that you the same,” he said.

Are you ready for this latest album from Thug?