Young Thug, occasionally known by the simple yet evocative Jeffery moniker, has had enough. The androgynous rapper recently took to Instagram Live to clear the air, essentially informing the public that a historical reanalysis may be in order. Thug comes out swinging, laying down the scope of his influence, placing heavy emphasis on image and stylistic perception:

“I’m the drip god. I created this shit,” he said in the video. “I made the way for young n***s to open up and be they self. I did this. I got crucified. They call me gay; they ain’t call y’all n***s gay […] I made y’all tighten y’all jeans up […] I’m the wave god. I’m the master. I’m the founder.”

In other words, Thug took the brunt of the "gay jokes" so that the rest of the game didn't have to. Country Billy knows a thing or too about martyrdom. 

Interestingly enough, Thug's message comes on the heels of Super Slimey partner Future's own proclamation of self-worth. Taking to Twitter, the Beast Mode 2 rapper went off, essentially demanding his due from those he proclaimed to father:

“Enough of these lil n***s running round like I ain’t make y’all. I been humble way too long. Your titles and flows came Frm me. stop fuckin playin. Your ad libs MINES. I gracefully gave u a style to run with like it was your own. Thank me #KINGPLUTO, your clothes, flows and hoes I’m the reason #KINGPLUTO. Only thing I ever said in life I didn’t come up with is NOCAP and I made the world say it..NO CAP."

From the sound of it, both Future and Thug have reached a point in their careers where they'd like some respect put on their names. And deservedly so, seeing the scope of their combined influence. One has to wonder if the inevitable Super Slimey 2 will come equipped with a newfound chip-on-shoulder approach.