In 2017, Young Thug announced the arrival of his Barter 7 tape, the follow-up to his breakout Barter 6 effort of 2015, a name that flipped Lil Wayne's famed ThaCarter series, arriving at the height of the brewing beef between the two emcees at the time.  At the time, hug attempted to name it Carter 6, but changed the name when he was threatened with a lawsuit, but according to Thug, legal action has been revived against him when it comes to the Barter namesake.

It was in a recent Instagram Live session with his girlfriend Jerrika Karlae that Thug revealed that Weezy is suing him for Barter 7. When fans prompted the rapper on the whereabouts of the project, he ignores the queries at first until letting out, "Lil Wayne trying to sue me for that."

At the time, the lawsuit was pretty clear cut in its motives to reclaim the Carter namesake, however this time around, a lawsuit over the name "Barter" poses an interesting new perspective and considering the public that both emcees have presented over their beef, quieting their differences as of late, it seems to come unprovoked. For now, Thug's words are the only indication of any legal tension, though.

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