No one ever ever shouted #RelationshipGoals in reference to on-again, off-again couple Young Thug & Jerrika Karlae. With that being said, it's not fair to pass judgement. When Thugger called for next baby, he was pointing at Jerrika, and when he's on the road, his mind probably drifts towards Jerrika, or at the very least, the gratifying moments they shared together. For as long as we can remember they've been officially broken up, until now so it seems.

This morning Jerrika posted a picture of the star-crossed lovers in a warm embrace on her Instagram Storyboard. Thugger can be seen going in for the kiss, while Jerrika holds the camera up to his face. Thugger's left hand teases her waistband. Jerrika wears a ring on the fourth finger of her left hand, the engagement finger in case you were wondering. Some folks buck the trend, there's no way of knowing.

It appears they've decided to at least make amends, probably a little more than that, we can deduce that much from the post. Maybe they're just taking a stroll down memory lane, one weekend only. It's wasn't that long ago that rumours of his cheating led to her calling things off. The situation even escalated to a point where Thugger even threatened 'her life.' Never the less Thugger has been pretty adamant in his pursuit of reconciliation. It looks as if his wishes have come true.