YK Osiris took to Instagram today where he shared some deeply alarming messages. After being trolled heavily online, the rapper shared some concerning messages on his IG Story that have since been deleted. "God take me away, please," he wrote on one story, as fans expressed their concern for his well-being. "I just want to sleep and don't wake back up," he wrote. "I know y'all would love that."  

Liliane Lathan/Getty Images 

"Let's see how everyone got something to laugh about then, it's all fun and jokes till y'all don't got nun to joke about nomore," he wrote in a final message to his Instagram Story. 

The messages shared to YK Osiris' story arrive after a few viral moments this week, mainly his encounter with Lil Baby at Ice Box. Osiris was spotted at the jewelry store when Baby walked in and began to jokingly press him over $5K that he apparently owed the My Turn rapper. Fans quickly leaped on the trolling, as well, after Osiris flexed a pair of earrings that he apparently purchased for six figures. Ocho Chico later ridiculed Osiris by claiming that he had purchased a similar pair from Claire's.

Unfortunately, the power of social media often echoes the negative more than the positive. Prayers up for YK Osiris during this troubling time.

Check out his Instagram Story posts below.