Once again, singer YK Osiris has become the laughing stock of the internet after showing off his haircut, which is his own take on Drake's Certified Lover Boy cut. During the last year, Toronto rapper Drake has been promoting his album by shaving a heart into the front of his hair, and it seems like the look has been so influential that another artist went ahead and copied him.

Popping out with a nearly-identical haircut, YK Osiris was clowned by 21 Savage (who said the heart looked more like the Disney logo), and Drake himself, who called the "Worth It" artist "burnt out." Osiris clapped back at everybody complaining about his haircut by flexing the pricetag, claiming that he paid over a thousand dollars to rip off Drizzy Drake's heart-embellished buzzcut.

"Stop playin', only n***as that can do this, me and The Boy," said YK Osiris. "Stop! Stop! And I paid $1,500 for this cut, n***a. Stop!"

There aren't too many people that are backing up Osiris right now, with the majority of commenters telling him that he wasted his money. "Why he Bragging bout being virtually robbed," asked one fan.

He's calling it his "Certified Lover Thug" haircut, but it looks like all of his fans want him to move back to his old style. Are you a fan of YK Osiris' new heart-shaped haircut?