I think most people would agree that YG’s My Krazy Life album was one of the biggest snubs of this year’s Grammy Award Nominations, especially after the impact it had in the streets & for our culture. Well YG is definitely feeling some type of way about the snub and took to Big Boy’s Neighborhood recently to vent his frustrations.

Calling himself “the people’s champ”, YG says he deserves to be at least nominated for the “Best Rap Album” award, but admits he knew he wouldn’t have won though. He tells Big Boy that the reason for his snub was because of his affiliation with the streets and his lyrical content and what he represents.

"I think it has to do with me being from the streets, and representing what I represent."

YG would even call some of the other albums that are nominated, "wack". He wouldn’t say what specific album shouldn't have been nominated, but did give props to Schoolboy Q & Iggy Azalea, meaning that it has to be Gambino or Eminem who YG feels albums were “wack”. (probably Gambino in this case)

“Some of them albums is wack. My album was better than those albums.” -YG

YG’s frustration can be clearly seen throughout the entire interview. At one point, he even compares how he feels to Kanye West's frustration that caused him to interrupt Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards few years back.

Watch YG vent his frustrations on Power 106 below. You think YG deserves the Grammy nod?