When it was reported over the weekend that Nipsey Hussle had been the victim of a shooting, we all prayed hard that he would make it through. As you likely all know now, he unfortunately passed away on Sunday and since then, members of his family, his friends, fans and peers have all been sending their well wishes to his loved ones on social media. His suspected killer, Eric Holder, has been captured and is currently in police custody. Hussle's longtime partner Lauren London spoke out last night about the Los Angeles artist's passing and now, his close friend YG has broken his silence. It took several days for YG to process his emotions but he's now let all of his fans into where he currently is mentally.

Joe Scarnici/WireImage/Getty Images

"Lost for words kuz i got so many of em," said the Stay Dangerous rapper. "We went thru so much shit together tryna make it out of LA with this rap shit, But we always got thru it then talked about it & after we talked. We laughed! You was a real big bro to me no kap. YOU 1 OF A KIND!"

"I took so long to post you kuz I Kant believe this shit, I don’t wanna believe this shit. I’m not never accepting it," he continued. "IDGAF what nobody say. It wasn’t yo time to go I’m lost homie. We had so much shit in the works. TV shows that was being written, A album '2 OF AMERIKKKAZ MOST WANTED' that we tried to work on twice but it never got done, If n***z know NIP then N***az know bro got his own recording process. He rather start doin musik at 10am. But we was 4sho gone do it 1 day, damn bro I’m sick. The shit we had is forever bro!"

YG and Nipsey Hussle were close friends despite their opposite gang alliances. He closed out his message by adding a flurry of red and blue hearts, keeping them united forever. RIP Nipsey Hussle. Read our memorial piece here.