Before he started dating Blac Chyna, most of the world had no clue who YBN Almighty Jay was. YBN Nahmir's right-hand man came from out of nowhere and became known for being Chyna's main squeeze. At the end of the day, they grew a close bond and furthered each other's careers through their connection to one another. The kid deserves his props for gaining clout off of his girlfriend. With the two now appearing to be broken up (maybe,) Jay is focusing solely on his music. While he was in the news consistently for stepping out with Chyna, many still have not been exposed to the YBN member's skills on the mic and he plans to show everybody exactly what he can do.

Standing between Nahmir and YBN Cordae, Almighty Jay is unlike his colleagues, much like each member of the collective. Teaming up with Lil Yachty and Zaytoven is a good look for Jay as he is still trying to gain credibility in the rap game. Showing off photos from the two separate studio sessions, Jay previewed a hint of what's to come. With Zaytoven manning the production side of things, we know that the rapper will be exposed to some hot beats. And with Lil Boat teaming up with him, the two's unique voices have a chance to create some one-of-a-kind tracks.

Here's hoping that Jay can continue to strive musically, becoming the mightiest of the YBN crew. What do you expect from the collabs?