A few years ago, XXXTentacion started to get some buzz, finally blowing up with his breakout single "Look At Me!" We all know how his story ended, tragically passing away at the hands of four alleged robbers while leaving a motorsports store. His family is gushing over the birth of Gekyume Onfroy, XXX's baby boy, who he unfortunately will never get to meet. Now, the late rapper's estate will need to momentarily shift their focus to a lawsuit that has just been presented by one of the "Look At Me!" producers.

According to XXL, Jimmy Duval is suing XXXTentacion's estate for $1 million, asking for unpaid royalties from the song that boosted X's career. While he is technically asking for $1 million, the amount is negotiable according to the producer. He intended to keep this a private matter but, since he was left off of the credits for the song, he felt a need to come forward. Duval issued a statement, which you can read below.

"It was my intention to keep the pending matter involving the estate of the late XXX Tentacion a private matter. However, in lieu of recent developments and out of respect for someone who was truly a legend in his own right and someone I called my friend, it is imperative that I clear things up. It is important to note that as the producer behind “Look at me”, an inarguable platinum hit, I was removed from all credits, which in turn meant that all rights and royalties owed to me, were immediately averted. It goes without saying that everyone deserves credit for their contributing works. My friend is no longer with us and Im only asking to remain a part of the legacy that we created together with “Look at me”. X changed my life and the lives of many others and we want to continue widening the positive impact that our music creates. I would never under any circumstances disrespect X or his legacy. Im only asking for what is rightful and fair."

Shortly after the lawsuit was made public, DJ Scheme took to Twitter to call out the producer. "Jimmy Duval is a fucking pussy for this..." wrote X's DJ.