Earlier today, XXXTentacion's son's mother gave an interview for a local news station about the birth of their son Gekyume. A few weeks ago, their baby was born and his name was revealed to the world. Gekyume is a word that X made up and the meaning was detailed during Jenesis Sanchez' sit-down talk this morning. Now, we get to see the baby's adorable face after he was covered up in a blanket on TV. 

The late artist's mother Cleopatra Bernard shared a photo of baby Gekyume relaxing with his arms back, nicknaming him "Prince Yume." Jenesis told fans that she has been calling him Yume for short. This is the first time that we've seen XXXTentacion's son in a full picture after Cleo shared an image of his feet shortly after his birth. Jenesis has said that Yume will be hearing all about his father, revealing that she'll detail all of the fun memories she had with Jahseh.

It's not every day that we get a couple of pertinent stories about XXXTentacion. Since his death last year, the rapper has posthumously released the album Skins. His estate is reportedly working on a second collection of music titled Bad Vibes Forever.