Today's youth have been dubbed the generation of stalkers. With the increasing popularity and advancement of social media and social networking services, it is amazingly easy to gather a great deal of information about just about anyone ever. For Chloe Cowan, this reality became all too real when she learned that every detail of her life was being imitated and posted on Instagram. 

Cowan, a 21-year-old Scottish University Student recently discovered that for over two years, another woman had been replicating her every Instagram picture with startling accuracy. Cowan's copy had recreated her posts, down to her captions, backgrounds, and outfits. The story is made even more chilling when one considers the fact that Cowan and this unnamed, unidentified woman attend the same university but have supposedly never met. 

Popular to what one may assume, Cowan is not an Instagram influencer, but instead, has a moderate and intimate following made up of peers, and family members. It is believed that woman copying Cowan created a fake account to follow her as her account is private. The impersonator was exposed by Cowan's older sister who called her out for  “stalking behavior, in a now deleted post. 

A report by the Daily Record revealed that the Cowan's mimic would recreate Cowan’s images hours after they were uploaded, including a post about the Cowans’ late father 

A representative from Cowan's university has revealed that the school is currently investigating the incident.