This morning, R. Kelly was interviewed by Gayle King, speaking his truth about everything from his relationships with Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary to the numerous sex abuse accusations that he's facing. Kelly firmly believes that he is being framed, saying that it would be "stupid" for him to sexually abuse underage girls and suggesting that he's too famous to do so. He's right about one thing there... it's definitely a stupid (and deplorable) thing to do. Because of his meltdown on CBS This Morning, Kelly became the subject of many memes today with people using soundbites from the interview in a different context. Wiz Khalifa decided to have some fun along with the rest of the world, plugging his own album and joking about his cannabis consumption in his latest Instagram post.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Wiz posted a video of R. Kelly crying, "I'm fighting for my fucking life. Y'all killing me with this shit!" The quote was repurposed though with Wiz applying it to his homies who continue to pass him the blunt even though he's as high as can be. "When you already high and n***as keep passin you the weed," wrote the Pittsburgh rapper. He hashtagged "#2009" for good measure, promoting his most recent project with Curren$y

Since the original video aired, R. Kelly has been arrested again for failing to pay child support. An interview with Gayle King and Kelly's girlfriends, Azriel and Joycelyn, will air at the end of this week.