Though the trial of R. Kelly has yet to officially begin, the court of public opinion is already in session. With the increasingly damning saga unfolding around him, R Kelly decided to hit CBS: This Morning for an interview with Gayle King. A curious move, and equally bold, considering that many have already branded him in a nefarious light. During the conversation, Kelly found himself in the midst of an emotional breakdown, screaming about the ongoing ruin of his life and career. "I'm fighting for my f**king life!" he cries. "You're killing me with this shit!" 

As it happens, the internet at large remains unmoved. In fact, many have already begun turning R. Kelly into a meme, which has led to many questioning the integrity behind such a process. Still, for some, gallows humor can be a comfort, a coping mechanism with the disturbing and dark potentials of human nature. Otherwise, the often divided public appears to be standing as a united front on this one, all but ready to wash their hands of the disgraced singer. 

Check out some of the recent reactions to R. Kelly's recent, and quite possibly final interview. How do you feel about the way this one is playing out?