Wiz Khalifa Drops Trippy Video For "Alright" With Trippie Redd & Preme

Alex Zidel
May 01, 2019 16:55

Wiz Khalifa releases some new content with Trippie Redd and Preme.

Earlier this year, Wiz Khalifa came through with a new single called "Alright." The track features Trippie Redd and Preme, marking the first time all three forces have collaborated on the same song. So far, this has already been a big year for Wiz, releasing a new project on 4/20 and potentially getting us ready for another one in a few months. He's one of the hardest working men in the industry, constantly crafting new hits in the studio and delivering for his fans. Instead of pushing one of the cuts from his new tape, Wiz decided to go back to "Alright," releasing a new video for it today.

The video features a good number of half-naked women and flashy colours, serving as a typical rap vid in 2019. The editing is glitchy and the camera angles are provocative. As a whole, the video is trying to mirror the effects of a hallucinogenic drug, twisting, turning and introducing neon vibes to our eyes. Khalifa's son Bash makes an appearance during the shoot as well, mobbing with his dad next to the car. His cameo is short but we're sure people will be happy to see him.

Watch the video above and let us know what you think? 

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