Fresh off the release of Rolling Papers II, Wiz Khalifa has a lot of buzz surrounding him right now. Well-liked and respected for his goofy demeanor and weed-laced rhymes, Wiz has become one of the premier rappers in the industry. Expected to move up to 85K equivalent album units for the RP sequel, it's been rumored for a few weeks that the rapper is cuddling up to a new woman at night. While their relationship may not go any further than friendship as neither side has confirmed a fling as of yet, Amber Rose has already approved of Winnie as a potential step-mother to Bash. Just in time to stir up some more rumor mill drama, Wiz was photographed getting pretty close to Winnie, looking as if they could be past the point of friends.

As he's been riding the wave of his latest album's success, Wiz looks to be enjoying time with his friends and team. Neither model Winnie Harlow or Wiz have confirmed that they're actually dating yet but, at this point, the signs are all pointing towards that. Photos were posted to Instagram showing the two cuddling up as Wiz clutches a bottle of alcohol, wrapping his other arm around Harlow. If they're not together, they're just really close but their body language seems as though they could definitely be a thing.

Are there any body language experts in the comments? Do we think the two are an item or are they just friends?