Of all the celebrity children on Instagram, Bash has to be the cutest of the bunch. With Amber Rose constantly showing off her and Wiz Khalifa's son on social media, we have become familiar with the boy's infectious personality. While we're sure Amber chooses to capture him at his best moments, the kid always seems to be insanely happy. Whether he's swooning hard over Taylor Swift or singing karaoke, Bash has already had so many priceless moments. In his latest instance of being cooler than all of us at only five years old, Sebastian seems to have adopted his father's swag as he walked around with his "wife," Stella. 

Amber shared a photo of her son and his friend on Instagram as the two hold hands. Bash is looking as swaggy as ever with that stance, dripping in sauce from head to toe. Fooling around with some facial filters, Amber chaperoned their date and commentated the happenings as they both showed off their best newscaster looks for the 'gram. There's clearly so much love between Amber and her son as the two are nearly inseparable.

Is Bash not the cutest celebrity kid in the world? The only person who may rival him is Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty. Watch the video below and get ready for your heart to melt.