The iconic Windows 95 operating system which essentially serves as a blue print for modern day systems will now be available by way of a downloadable app to be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux. While it’s previously been available on the Apple Watch, Xbox One, and Android Wear Smartwatch, Slack developer Felix Rieseberg is responsible for bringing the popular OS to other devices.

The idea stems from an existing web project that supports Windows 95 in addition to Windows 98, and a handful of other operating systems. The source code and app installers are currently available through Github. Users can expect classic apps like WordPad, phone dialer, MS Paint, Solitaire, and Minesweeper to be properly functioning. According to The Verge, however, Internet Explorer isn’t fully running asit fails to load webpages.

Rieseberg mentions that Doom is working as well, but that you’d probably be better off running it though a virtualization app. According to Mashable he admits that it worked "by accident and was mostly a joke."

Overall, the download arrives 129 MB in total, taking up about 200 MB of RAM once it’s up and running. A reset capability makes it easy to start back up if you happen to run into any hiccups.