Disney's live-action remake of Aladdin finally hit theatres this past weekend and it appears to be a hit. The film hit over $100M in the box office during Memorial Day weekend with theatres across North America and beyond packed with moviegoers. Will Smith's depiction of the Genie has been criticized but regardless, it's Will Smith. It's hard to hate on the man. For a few fans of the film in Calabasas, they were lucky enough to watch the film in Smith's presence.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

According to TMZ, Will Smith and his family, with the exception of Trey, quietly checked out Aladdin at a Calabasas theatre without anyone noticing, at first. Will, Jada Pinkett, Jaden and Willow Smith pulled up to a theatre incognito and managed to watch the film without being pestered until Will stood up. The audience swarmed Will Smith and he took selfies with all of his fans. 

Along with starring in the film, Will Smith also contributed to the soundtrack. He teamed up with DJ Khaled for "Friend Like Me" and also remade "Prince Ali" and "Arabian Nights." He's been diving back into music a little bit. As you remember, he was once upon a time spotted in the studio with Kanye. He's also hopped on the remix to Jaden Smith's "Icon" and linked up with Nicky Jam for the official World Cup song, "Live It Up."