Things between Wiley and Drakehaven't been great in recent years. Though they once had mutual respect for one another, that's gone out the window. However, Wiley continues to antagonize Drake whenever he has the chance. Mind you, Wiley's beef with Drake is based on allegations that the Canadian rapper is a culture vulture. Drake's shrugged off these claims but Wiley wants to end this beef in the only way he knows how.

In the wake of the lockdown situation that everyone across the world is in right now, we've seen artists and producers go song-for-song on Instagram Live for the fans to watch. Scott Storch and Mannie Fresh went head-to-head this past week, as did Tory Lanez and French Montana. Wiley took to Twitter to challenge Drake to a soundclash, along with Ed Sheeran and the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. "I will clash @Drake on live no cap," he wrote. "someone tell him this." 

"Boris Johnson, if you wanna clash, I'm ready. Pop songs only," he declared in a video posted to Twitter. "I will merk you, yeah? Pop songs only. I will merk you. Drake, if you want to clash, come on Live. Ten tracks each."

He doubled down in a second video posted to Instagram from his car. "Listen fam, you wanna clash I’ll be waiting cos I’ll be playing my songs from my car. Boris, Ed Sheeran, Drake – the people who matter, bruv," he added. Peep the clips below.