Wiley has been very clear when it comes to his feelings on "Culture Vultures" and how they negatively affect hip-hop as a whole. The UK artist hates it when Americans come over and steal from the grime scene and that's exactly what he thinks Drake has been doing over the last few years. Yesterday, Wiley unleashed a Twitter rant upon Drizzy, saying the rapper signs artists to horrible deals at OVO and that he has been stealing from UK culture for years. It was a pretty scathing rant and today, Wiley doubled down while appearing on the 1Xtra Breakfast Show With Dotty.

"Artists, stay away from culture vultures," Wiley said. "Stay away from pagans and stay away from people who wait until you're blown to come and stand next to you and collect money. They just turned up when everything was easy. Drake is a pagan. Listen to this, I tried to apologize to this brother, you know, because I felt bad but you know what? I ain't taking back, no apology. He is the worst, I swear to God."

Wiley also went on to say that he feels like Drake thinks he is some kind of savior when it comes to UK hip-hop and that he's had enough of his antics. The artist had some harsh words for Drake's involvement with Top Boy and even got mad at Ed Sheeran over some issues he had with a previous collaboration.

Needless to say, Wiley doesn't care who he offends at this point and is coming with that venom.