It's no secret that grime legend Wiley has no love lost for Drake, having taken no shortage of shots at the OVO rapper. On a surface level, Wiley's animosity appears to stem from a belief that Drake has been culturally appropriating the British genre of Grime, going so far as to elicit a puzzled response from Drizzy; a catch-22 if ever there was one, as how can a self-respecting Grime fan go after the Godfather of Grime? And yet, Wiley has been unwavering in his position, using the slightest opportunity to tear down those he deems vampires to his cause. 

Evidently, Drake's revival of UK series Top Boy appears to have reignited a flame under Wiley's arse. The Godfather took to Twitter to unleash a vitriolic rant aimed at both Drake and Ed Sheeran, accusing both men of the deadly sin of culture-vulturey. "Drake & Ed Sheeran two worse culture vultures on the planet," he wrote, in a since-deleted Tweet. In another, a more direct shot: "Drake suck ya mum don't come back to England." 

While a few messages have been purged and subsequently preserved via Instagram below, the bulk of the Tweets have been retained. In one, Wiley makes sure to sound off on OVO's rollout schedule, claiming that each artist exists solely to enhance Drake's own artistic longevity. Not to mention, the "shit record deals." Clearly, Wiley is harboring some conflicted feelings about the Top Boy revival. Essentially, it chalks up to a not like this type situation. Suffice it to say, it's unlikely he'll be contributing to the upcoming Top Boy soundtrack.