After pushing back her return to daytime television numerous times, Wendy Williams is now on a leave of absence from her show. She attributes the countless setbacks to her shoulder injury but many people think it actually has to do with the rumors that were swirling around during the winter holidays. There have been reports that Kevin Hunter, Wendy's husband, cheated on her with somebody that lives down the street from them. On top of that, he's reportedly expecting a baby with her. In the last few days, a few staff members from the show have said that they wish she never returns as the permanent host, preferring Nick Cannon to sign a long-term deal. Now, RadarOnline is noting that the producers aren't even keeping her in the loop anymore. 

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images

Their source said that the staff is moving forward as if "she doesn't exist." "At first, they were keeping her and Kevin in the loop, getting their approval on replacement hosts and guests," said the source. "Now, they are not even CC-ing them." According to the source, Wendy is "100% not involved" in the show right now. Apparently, the production team feels like they're on vacation with all the guest hosts, forgetting about what a fun work environment could be like.

With so much drama unfolding, do you think Wendy Williams will finally speak out about what's going on? Will she ever return to her show?