Wendy Williams has been the subject of a media whirlwind over the last several months. Back in December, she was in the news when she fractured her shoulder. A few days after, it was alleged that her husband had been cheating on her for over ten years, getting his mistress pregnant. After spending some time in a sober living facility, Wendy is back in the studio to film episodes of her popular talk show and yesterday, she decided to speak on the infamous photo of her strolling around Walmart in the middle of the night on a scooter.

Walmart carries a pretty heavy stigma, for some reason. Especially when you're cruising around the aisles at 4 in the morning in a scooter. Wendy Williams was photographed in upstate New York bizarrely riding around the shop while most of the world slept. During a new episode of The Wendy Show, she discussed what was happening in the photo.

Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

"I want to shout-out to my friends at the Walmart in a little-known place called Ellen, New York," she said. "We went up there and the Walmart is the social place. When I’m away from the show, sometimes I do take selfies, sometimes. At four o' clock in the morning, I’m sitting in this scooter … taking pictures with people."

She explained that with one person, she didn't necessarily want to get too close to them to take a picture. Instead, she told them that she would ride her scooter and "pretend" she was shopping, allowing them to take a photo. She said that she looked odd because of her Graves' Disease, which she previously confirmed, but this explanation seems a little off to us. What do you think?