Christmas is a day for family, food, and presents, mostly. If your Jewish, it's a time for movies and Chinese food. If you're Muslim, it may be just another day in the month of December. Whatever the case though, whatever your religious tendencies, one thing we can generally agree on is that Christmas day and the Holiday season by extension is all about good vibes; both receiving and giving. The receiving and giving of good vibes often happens via gift-giving, but with hearts more open than usual during the Holiday season, there are many ways to spread the love beyond material items. 

We spoke to a lot of our rapper friends to find out what their favorite thing about Christmas is, and found out about the next big question you get asked immediately following Christmas: what's your New Year's resolution?

Find out what everyone had to say below.


 ðŸŽ… Trae Tha Truth🎅

Christmas: "[My] favorite thing about Christmas is being able to bless others and take the time to appreciate being able to make it to where I am now."

NYE: "My New Year's resolution is to keep doing me and focus on dominating whatever I decide to do. Also continuing to help build my city back, Houston we will be back 100 in no time!"

🍪🥛 CyHi The Prynce ðŸªðŸ¥›

Christmas: "[My favorite thing about Christmas is] seeing my family and friends smile at the gifts!"

NYE:  "Going on Vacation and putting out 3 project in 2018 let’s go!!!"

🎶 Denzel Curry 🎶

Christmas: "I actually don’t celebrate Christmas. I was raised not believing in pagan holidays."

NYE: "Resolution - not to make the same mistakes I made this year. I'm starting next year off working. Taboo is coming soon."

🎁  Trill Sammy 🎁

Christmas: "Fav thing about Christmas has to be receiving gifts."

NYE: "Bringing in the New Years with a get together in the Hollywood Hills my New Years resolution moving forward will be to remain focused."

⛄ A$AP Twelvyy⛄

Christmas: "My favorite thing about Xmas is getting to spend quality time with your loved ones."

NYE: "I’m ringing my New Years I’m watching Belly for the 1000th time drinking some Essentia water focusing on my New Years resolution of being forever young brilliant and revolutionary as I take on another amazing 365 days."

🦌 Tory Lanez🦌

Christmas: "My favorite thing about Christmas the gift of giving and the fact that it brings everybody together."

NYE: "No I don’t set New Years resolutions because I believe in living life freely and not saying your going to do something and end up not doing It halfway throughout the year"

🎄 Young Nudy🎄

Christmas: “Trees... and giving presents to my lil girl.”

NYE:  “Imma ring this year in with a backend, my resolution is to get mo backends.”

🎁 21 Savage🎁

Christmas: "Making my kids happy."

NYE: "[I'ma ring in the New Year] in Vegas. I’m tryna drink less lean [in the New Year]"

⛄ 2 Chainz ⛄

Christmas: "Spending time with my kids & family."

NYE: "Getting a bag in Vegas, keep getting a bag."

🔔 Zaytoven🔔

Christmas: "I'm big on family and spending time with the people I love so family is my favorite thing about Christmas. It's always good to make new memories and have special moments with my family."

NYE: "I'll be ringing in the New Year in church like I've done every other year before. I don't really do resolutions but if I had to say something it would be to be a better man across the board. I want to be a better father, a better son, a better husband, a better brother, a better producer, etc. I want to be a better person in 2018 than I was last year. 

🌟 Skooly🌟

Christmas: "Seeing families decorating for the holidays & enjoying the lights."

NYE: "In the studio, working on my new album & never stop working coming in going straight crazy."

👼 RetcH👼

Christmas: "My favorite thing about Christmas is the energy, the energy around the Christmas spirit, everybody is real happy and jubilant, it's a lot of togetherness, it's mad love."

NYE: "My New Year's resolution is to stay sucka free man. That's it. Sucka bitches, sucka n*ggas, sucka situations. Sucka free."

🤶 Big K.R.I.T.🤶

Christmas: "My favorite thing about Christmas is the time I get to spend with family and friends.There's a joyfulness all around Christmas time. It's the time of year where you get to give back and be thankful for what has been given."

NYE: "I'll bring in the New year with a prayer and in the company of my loved ones. I think my New Years resolution will be something pertaining to my health. Considering that the "Heavy Is The Crown" tour starts in March I definitely want to be in shape."

❄️ Harry Fraud ❄️

Christmas: "Hanging out with my mom. And the dogs. Hanging out with my mom and her dog. Hanging out with my Uncle and his dog. I take care of everyone's dogs when they go away for Christmas. There's nothing better man."

NYE: "I'm ringing in the new year in the Hamptons, low key. Probably me and my shorty, maybe another couple, two couples.  We usually go for a nice dinner, you know, have some drinks and relax. Because I go so hard all year that the 10 days - like from the 22nd to the 2nd of every year, I just turn my phone off. I just wanna be quiet you know? Just low key vibes man.
And resolution? Relax on the backwoods (laughs). That's a big resolution. And I've been kinda eating healthy for the past few years, but I just wanna eat healthier and healthier man. Unfortunately, the food we eat nowadays is poison. We are poisoning ourselves. I just want our community to be as educated as possible on that.  I know its corny and whatever, whatever, but we gotta eat better."