While the anticipation for the next Avengers film has been overshadowing most, Thor has his own film on the way before the crew gets back together in full. The third iteration in the Nordic god’s standalone series just got its first trailer. Watch the teaser for Thor: Ragnarok below.

Replete with retro graphics and a Led Zepplin theme song, this trailer looks to bring the series back from its generally dour tone for something much closer to Guardians of the Galaxy. Despite the pithy one liners and upbeat music, the storyline seems to be one of Thor’s darkest, with his home taken over by goddess of death Hela, his magical Mjolnir hammer destroyed (also by Hela) and his glorious mane being shaved off after being captured on a gladiatorial world.

At least The Hulk shows up. Thor: Ragnarok is set to release on November 3.