Waka Flocka is a guy who's not afraid to let his opinions be known, and he sometimes brings forth a point of view that clashes with that of the mainstream media.

Such was the case with his recent remarks on the trial of Bill Cosby, and earlier today, a video surfaced that finds Waka explaining how he partly understands the controversial statements recently made by actress and current Fox News correspondent Stacey Dash.

Earlier this week, Dash rebuked the outrage surrounding the lack of black nominees on this year's Oscar ballot, before going on to suggest getting rid of BET as well as Black History Month.

"I could say Stacey Dash, she wrong and she right," says Waka to begin his video response to Dash's unpopular opinions. 

He believes Dash couldn't quite articulate what she really meant to say, but he then went on to admit how he's always been bothered by both BET and Black History Month. 

"BET's for black people and MTV's for white people? Think about it. Why the fuck we got Black History Month only in February? How can the people that took our history give us our history for one month? Just think about it," says Waka.

That's not to say the views of the Brick Squad leader align neatly with those of Dash, and agree or disagree, his ultimate goal is further discussion.