An interesting beef has broken out on Twitter between Waka Flocka and... mixtape distribution platform DatPiff. Waka recently added all of his mixtapes to SoundCloud, in an effort to capitalize on the streams he has gotten and cash in on his success. There wasn't much fuss about this until DatPiff's vice president, Kyle Reilly, decided to get involved, tweeting the Brick Squad rapper with a question: "@WakaFlocka signing away all your mixtapes just for a quick bag??" Yikes. This clearly was not going to end well. 

Waka Flocka read this as unnecessary and decided to go directly at the streaming giant, claiming they capitalize on the success of artists' mixtapes by making millions off the streaming money. Waka even went as far as to call them culture vultures, tweeting in response to the initial post, "Datpiff y’all been making millions behind every artist back (Talking Streaming money) on Piru you only tweeting because I took down all my mixtapes u lames culture vultures #deathofDatpiff."

Both sides went back and forth, with Reilly offering to call the rapper to clear things up, but the initial commotion was enough for Waka to make a bold decision, ending his rant, "I have a mixtape streaming company I started. We paying every artist OnGOD." With the Atlanta native announcing his foray into the mixtape streaming business and promising to pay his artists, could the end of DatPiff be near? Waka is clearly not impressed with the company's antics and, if he holds up his end of the deal, DatPiff may have serious competition soon.