Hip-hop has always been a sport that was built on morals, with each rapper abiding by a code that keeps them tethered to being one of the "realest" in the game. As a result, there's always going to be a bit of debate that's created when someone feels like a code is being violated — the code in this case being the age-old intolerance for "snitches" or "rats."

We'll allow Waka Flocka to break it down a bit more in rap vernacular for all of us to understand. 

Waka Flocka Flame snitches rats
Image: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET

Sounding off to his many many followers, Waka recorded a video where he voiced his opinions on the culture of snitching and rats in general. We'll let you all watch the video itself below, but in short he basically states that he could never rock with any person or establishment that's ever been labeled as a "snitch" or "rat" because, and this is where we'll direct quote, he says, "you went against what you stood for in the first place." The rest centers on having a solid character and those with lack thereof, but you've got to admit that he makes a valid point about what it means to have integrity on all levels. 

We know Waka is probably on the side of good this time around, but he definitely needs to tread lightly moving forward when it comes to sharing his opinions. Just this month he was under fire for trying to defend Keri Hilson after they both tried to cape for Trump, so let's hope the "No Hands" rapper keeps them off of social media for a while. 

Take a minute to watch the clip of Waka Focka going in on snitches and rats below, and then let us know over in the comments on where you stand on the "agree or disagree" meter: