The history between Wack 100 and Tekashi 6ix9ine runs deep, as does the animosity. Back in March, when 6ix9ine appeared dead set on antagonizing the entire West Coast, he made enemies out of several prominent rappers. Most notable were YG and The Game, and thus, 6ix9ine inherited a beef with Game's manager Wack 100 by association. The feud saw both parties exchanging shots on IG, with 6ix9ine's former manager Shotti wading into the fray. Naturally, Wack did not take kindly to 6ix9ine's disrespect, and threatened the rapper with warnings extending beyond music.

Though the tension dissipated from the public eye, the disdain never truly died. Now that 6ix9ine is facing six federal charges, Wack 100 took a moment to celebrate the perceived downfall of his former foe. "Who said SANTA Clause didn’t provide Christmas gift for incarcerated Booty Bandits !" writes Wack 100, via Instagram. He made sure to include a screencap to a 6ix9ine centric TMZ article for good measure.

While many rap listeners have come to appreciate gang culture from afar, it can be easy to forget that the culture runs deep, often beyond the layman's understanding. There are rules and dynamics, consequences and codes, applied with a coldness unfamiliar to your everyday hip-hop consumer. While it may have been fun to hear 6ix9ine's passionate cries of "Treyway," they don't seem so amusing now. In hindsight, it's easy to see that this roller coaster was doomed to fly off the rails at some point. Now, as we near the end of the mangled track, 6ix9ine's freedom hangs in the balance. As evidenced by Wack's recent comments, old feuds do not simply heal on the strength of pity alone.