Actor and comedian Vince Vaughn is reportedly facing up to 360 days in jail. The charge is in connection with an arrest that was made earlier this summer when Vaughn was found to have had a blood alcohol content around 0.08 at a routine sobriety checkpoint in a California neighborhood. The incident in question occurred on June 10th. 

It was reported that when confronted with the law enforcement, the actor refused to act accordingly and did not exit his vehicle when asked. He was subsequently detained, then arrested. Despite being released shortly after posting bail, the actor was only recently charged with three misdemeanors: refusing to comply with a peace officer or to submit to an inspection, driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverage, and driving with 08 percent blood alcohol content or higher. The actor's arraignment is set for tomorrow September 10th.

Some may be surprised to know that this is not the actor's first rumble with law enforcement; in fact, he was arrested back in 2001 for public fighting while filming a movie in North Carolina, but the charges were dropped after 6 months. 

So, is now a bad time to ask for a The Wedding Crashers Sequel? Asking for a friend.