Vince Staples may be considered as one of the most opinionated people in hip hop, that is, if the title doesn't go to Joe Budden. However. Staples' chattiness rarely get him in trouble. He's just here to crack witty jokes, not ruffle any feathers. Needless to say, Staples and Budden in conversation with one another is bound to be entertaining. On Thursday, Staples called in to "The Joe Budden Podcast" and discussed the trending topic of the moment: Tekashi 6ix9ine's ongoing trial

From the moment the phone call started, Staples was firing off quips. He teased Budden, a Harlem native, that Tekashi's fall from rapper to snitcher may be considered as a setback for New York hip hop as a whole. Staples lamented the situation as the loss of of "our first Mexican." He also claimed that he previously made a bet with Budden regarding where Tekashi's narrative would lead. Staples wants Budden to pay up, because apparently Staples foresaw Tekashi snitching, while Budden was convinced he'd end up dead.

While sharp regional allegiances have largely dissolved in hip hop and the New York scene wasn't claiming Tekashi too fiercely as its representative, Budden still provided a rather serious answer to Staples' question. "This doesn't set New York back. We still created hip hop. We still have Sedgwick [Avenue]. Bobby Shmurda be home soon."

While Budden raised some valid points, Staples suggested that New York's credit should be shifted to the upstate region right now. The FM! rapper praised the Buffalo artists of Griselda Records: Westside Gunn, Conway and Benny the Butcher. The label frequently collaborates with legendary producer The Alchemist, who Staples revealed he has some of "the best songs" with.

Listen to Vince's call around the 10-minute mark.