Vic Mensa's been dealing with a lot of backlash over the past week after he dissed XXXTENTACION during his pre-recorded BET Cypher while the late rapper's mother was in the room. Vic aimed at X over allegations that the "SAD!" rapper abused his ex-girlfriend. Since then, he faced criticism from many of X's friends such as Sauce Walka, Denzel Curry and Adam22, who was one of the most vocal individuals to take issue with Mensa's diss. In fact, Adam22 dug up some old receipts on Vic Mensa which revealed the Chicago native previously admitted to putting his hands on a woman. Now, fans are wondering how genuine Mensa's motives are.


During an old interview with The Breakfast Club, Vic Mensa opened up about putting his hands on an ex-girlfriend, something he detailed in the title track on his Roc Nation debut, There's A Lot Going On. During the interview, the rapper opened up about the content of the song while also admitting that he knew he was wrong and said that it was something that he had to learn from. Around the 16:25 mark, he explains how they already had a toxic relationship and that they had to break up in order to prevent it from escalating.

Unfortunately, some fans find Vic disingenuous for using his platform to promote women's rights because of his interview with The Breakfast Club and the song itself.

Peep some of the reactions below.