In the mid-1990s, Mia X inked her deal with Master P's No Limit Records. The label was enjoying successes from several rappers and was at the top of their game, so it was fitting that they added Mia X, a New Orleans-born and bred emcee, to their roster. She would go onto be named the First Lady of No Limit Soldiers and Mother of Southern Gangsta Rap, and her albums have been certified Gold and 2x Platinum. As a veteran artist, she recently dropped off a tweet that sparked a conversation about women in Rap and their lyrical content as their careers progress.

"I'm not disrespecting no broads who rap about their P*ssy because in 1992 I released a song Da Payback and I talked my sh*t," tweeted Mia.

"However I do encourage lady EMCEES to be versatile with their subject matter because we not f*cking 24/7 my babies," she continued. The topic of hypersexualized content in Rap music has existed since the genre's inception, but in its current culture, many women have received criticism for speaking frankly about their sexual exploits. Some have argued that their male counterparts have been able to get away with the same lyrical content for decades without the same level of vocal backlash.

Many of Mia's followers co-signed her sentiment and look forward to her next album—a project that is rumored for release this year. Check out Mia X's tweet as well as a few reactions below and let us know if you agree with her.