Take note, aspiring rappers - if you create a single that's both catchy and infectious enough to catch the ear of the mainstream, you could be thrust into the limelight sooner than you think (establishing connections doesn't hurt, either). 

Take up-and-coming Atlanta trio Migos, for example, who are affiliated with Future's Freebandz movement and Young Scooter's Black Migo Gang. They dropped their first official mixtape less than a month ago, but their buzz has been building exponentially ever since. Titled "Young Rich Niggas," the project is nineteen tracks in length and includes an impressive list of contributors, among them Gucci Mane, Trinidad James and Soulja Boy. Although it contains a ton of sick songs, one has come to stand above the rest and distinguish the group.  

The definitive "Versace" has been remixed not once, not twice, but seven times by the likes of Drake, Meek Mill, Soulja Boy, Young Sam, Joe Moses, King Los and Tyga, and you can be sure to expect more. Why is it that so many rappers want a taste of this particular cut? We've compiled a list of them all, and will let you be the judge. Vote for your favorite version and let us know why in the comments section below.