With a release date of October 2nd, 2020, Venom 2 is already beginning to amass some major hype. For starters, it has two of the best actors in Hollywood taking up leading roles, with Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson set to square off as Venom and Carnage. And while it's unlikely the film will get the coveted R rating fans are hoping for, many are still excited to see the franchise expand on the foundation built by the sloppy-yet-endearing first movie. 

Tom Hardy Venom 2

 Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

And while Venom is certainly heavy on the CGI, some new behind-the-scenes footage has hit the internet depicting some practical effects at work. One fan in particular managed to film a capture a death-defying stunt during a nighttime shoot in San Francisco. While it's difficult to tell which character is meant to be performing the leap of faith, it wouldn't be surprising if it were Venom himself doing the honors. Check it out for yourself, as embedded after the jump. 

This isn't the first time behind-the-scenes Venom 2 material has surfaced. Last week, Hardy himself posted a picture of Harrelson decked out as Cletus Kasady, rocking a Hawaiin shirt in keeping with the villain's iconic color scheme. Though he deleted the image shortly after posting it, the image quickly began circulating across various IG fan pages; see Marvel's favorite serial killer on the prowl right here