At the risk of being dubbed greedy, is it too much to ask for another project from Chicago rapper Valee? True, the laid-back rapper has been doling out a smattering of loosies and guest-verses, but many feel the rapper's defining moment has yet to come. While GOOD JOB, You Found Me emerged as a fan favorite, we're a little over one month shy of the first anniversary, with still no full-length in sight. Yet the wheels are in motion, at least, in theory. Valee and producer Cardo have been concocting a collaborative project, though the process appears to have reached a halt, though self-perpetrated means. 

In response to an open question on whether the people still want that Valee and Cardo tape, Valee himself came through with an enthused (by his standards) "Yes." Cardo quickly retorted, placing some of the onus on the rapper and his overtly strict "screening" practices. "Answer ya phone then, lol," writes the producer, suggesting that he's game to get the ball rolling the minute Valee steps to the plate. But don't be alarmed, should he decide to continue playing hooky. Cardo also has a tape with Smino in the works, so expect movement from the producer in the near future.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images