A couple of weeks back, Usher   attempted to have his undisclosed herpes accuser pay up $2,500 after he claimed that she skipped out on her deposition to answer questions under oath regarding the case. However, according to Jane Doe she did make the deposition but the questions Usher and his team were grilling her on were way out of question and mischaracterized to her case. 

David Becker/Getty Images

The Blast now reports that a judge has denied Usher's request and Jane Doe will not have to pay up any kind of coin or fly back to California from her location for any deposition.

If there's one thing Usher and Jane Doe do agree on it's the privacy of their health records while the case is ongoing. The "Nice & Slow" singer requested a judge to keep his and Jane's medical records sealed so the media cannot get their hands on their private filings. “There is no gray area that allows for the revelation of some of Jane Doe's personal information without compromising her privacy rights. Any public exposure of her private information could result in significant harm to Jane Doe," the motion reads.

The case is still ongoing.