Ugly God is an interesting figure in the world of hip-hop. Ugly gained SoundCloud stardom off the success of his numerous singles but the attention has dipped down after having not released a full-length project since The Booty Tape last August. While he has been relatively quiet, this year promises to be make-or-break for the talented young artist as he plans to drop three collections of music with his debut album Bumps & Bruises, solo EP 777 and a collaboration with Wintertime called It's Gonna Be One Ugly Winter. 

Ugly God has the potential to shift the landscape of rap music, presenting a fresh take on the medium that is fairly unprecedented. Possibly due to appear on one of the aforementioned projects, Pussy Bacon previewed a new track while riding around town in his whip. Making sure to practice road safety with his seatbelt securely fastened, Ugly God bounced around to his braggadocious lyrics as he raps, "Bitch I know the game, baby all I do is trick." While only a portion of the song is played, it evidences a promising start to Ugly's ambitious goals of dropping three projects this year. A fellatio-infused line comparing the act to smoking hookah is referenced, recalling 21 Savage's "Dirty K" lyrics, which has some fans hesitant but most are generally hyped for new music.

Check out the snippet below and let us know if you're excited about the upcoming Ugly God efforts.