Tyga recently took a trip to New York, and while there he hit up Power 105's The Breakfast Club for a 20-minute chat about his new album, Hotel California, and the sales projections for it, Rick Ross' Reebok debacle, as well as if Chris Brown and Drake's beef affects his relationship with Breezy.  

The YMCMB rapper currently has a sneaker line with Reebok, the company that ditched Rick Ross last week over controversial lyrics in Rocko's single, "U.O.E.N.O." The rapper gave his thoughts on his endorsement dumping Rozay, and says he hasn't spoken to Reebok at all about it. "I mean, dealing with big companies like that, you have to be conscious of what you do, if you wanna build that relationship or if you wanna see more for your career. With situations like that, it's kinda like, you endorsing a rapper, and being a rapper and having that lifestyle, being from the streets or whatever,you deal with that stuff like that..Like with Tiger Woods and Nike sometimes to you gotta hold it down."

Tyga doesn't seem to be worried about the Drizzy and Chris Brown beef, which continues to thrive, as Drake sent more than a few shots the singer's way on Friday.  "Nah, I mean whoever you rock with that's who you rock with. I been knowing Chris for a minute, that's a real good homie. Whatever problems he got, that's on me, and everybody deals with their own problems," Tyga said of the conflict.

T-Raww also commented on his sales projections for Hotel California, which are 45-50k. "I mean, if you think about it, for this album, I felt like I ain't really have no promotion, I did it in like a month, I told my fans I'm putting it out and I put it out. I really didn't have no big radio single or nothing like that. I treat my projects how rock people treat they stuff, you put the album out, you get on the road, and you work it. I feel like it's the final number that counts," Tyga said, before also discussing the missing Tupac feature, which he previously explained was a sample clearance issue.

Check out Tyga's full interview with The Breakfast Club below, where he also discusses his girlfriend, Blac Chyna, being on the YMCMB label and when he first met Lil Wayne, and more.