Tyga's most explicit music video to date was released via his Twitter feed on July 28th, and depicts the hedonistic rapper partying in a mansion with a lot of women, many of them blatantly topless. Apparently, the casting ad stated that there would be no actual nudity involved in the video, and that the girls would be shot tastefully. Those who were asked to appear topless in select scenes were told their nipples would be either be edited out or covered up. 

But video girls Elizabeth Velasquez, Alissa Rae Ross and Azia Davis claim this was not the case, and that their nipples were exposed and included in the project without their permission. They were actually told that the explicit version of the video would never be released.

As such, they're suing Tyga for fraud, invasion of privacy and breach of contract in connection with the "Make It Nasty" video. 

[via TMZ] 

[Update: Vixens Looking For $10 Million A Piece]

Two of the women who sparked December's suit over the explicit "Make It Nasty" video have filed new legal documents in the case. Elizabeth Velasquez and Azia Davies are now looking for $10 Million each, in compensation for Tyga's video depicting their fully topless bodies-- after being specifically promised no nudity in the final cut.

T-Raww has yet to respond.