According to a new report from TMZ, it appears Tyga & his music company still haven’t yet paid an injured fan her $235k that she was rewarded by a judge back in 2015 from a lawsuit.

If you remember, Shyanne Riekena sued Tyga's company after a light stand fell and hit her in the head during one of his concerts in Grand Rapids, MI a few years ago. She says she suffered head trauma and permanent scarring, and a judge order T-Rawww to pay her $235k as a result.

However, Tyga has yet to write that check, and Shyanna is still trying to get $235K even after a judge ordered it.

Shyanna, who’s tried getting her money a few different times, says she's now trying to get a judge to pay her $248,553 due to interest that’s occurred over the years. Unfortunately for her, there's quite a line of people trying to get money from Tyga, just ask his baby-mama Blac Chyna.