Tyga has something to share with his fans later on today (October 3rd): a brand-new track called  "Boss Up."


Teasing the upcoming song via his Instagram profile, the rapper also shared the cover art for the single, which is an Animé-inspired black-and-white painting of two people, one boy and one girl. The guy in the scene is holding a can that says "Boss Up," no doubt a play on the name given to the popular carbonated beverage that shares the same second word as the song's title. Further to that, there's not too much information that was made available by Tyga, other than the fact that the track will be featured on an upcoming album of the same name. There's been no finite release date mentioned or rumored for that LP as of this writing.

Earlier this month, the rapper had shared two other fresh pieces of music with the world, one a song called "My Way" and the other a remix of Tay-K's monster hit "The Race." The former featured him rapping about the potential for him to "go Kanye," depending on what happened with haters who came at him. The production was decently bouncy, but the rapper's flow felt a little wooden, especially compared to the inspired work he showcased on Bitch I'm The S**t 2. As the the Tay-K remix, it was purely another example of a rapper hopping on a popular track, racing against the clock to try and suck some of the lifeblood out of it while there was still a chance. Both efforts may have left Tyga's fan base wanting a little more, especially in the energy department, so here's hoping they get it with "Boss Up."

The real question is whether or not this will be the "singing" album that Tyga promised on social media not long ago. He had previously hinted that the project was "coming soon," so maybe "Boss Up" will be the first track off of what should be a fascinating attempt for the rapper to reinvent himself once again. Free of the shackles he may have felt weighed down by while he was part of the extended Kardashian family, it's safe to say that Tyga has the hip-hop community more than a little intrigued.